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IES - Intelligent Energy Saving is the management algorithm of efficient power, the completion of an advanced regulation system, that when applied to the control…



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What is a problem for the customer, is an opportunity for SELPRO. The collection of customer issues resolved by SELPRO products.



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Designed to interact with SELPRO regulators and ventilation systems, the software collects operating parameters and then analyses and modifies them to optimise system performance during…



ECM: The EC-Manager controller for ENERGY Saving Evolution

The EC-Family series is the most complete and innovative technological control system for the best functionality of EC motors (single and three phase) applied to fans. It allow to adjust the ventilation system according to the functional need of Energy Saving and to amplify the intrinsic potential Green Power of EC fans.

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency Optimization: the essence of the results created thanks to SELPRO know-how and the partnership with LUVE-Group and Ebm-papst.

The collaboration between SELPRO, LUVE-Group and ebm-papst has brought to develop the ECM (EC-Manager) System Controller that integrates in a single Plug & Play control device all the specific Wet & Dry management capabilities, for ventilated heat exchangers of HVAC & R systems.

Thanks to the integration between the SELPRO know-how and ebm-papst Modbus protocol and through LUVE Group experience, a new Technical Standard has been defined to make easy and efficient the management of a ventilated heat exchanger, amplifying the green potential of ebm-papst EC fans Technology.

With ECM, the library of the working (Input and Holding) parameters of the fans and the controller system is always available through the serial communication RS-485 (Modbus RTU standard).

ECM, available for IP55 or DIN-rail application, can operate as a stand-alone unit or, thanks to the “bridge” function, can receive the works commands and provide all the information to an external control or to a supervising system. Furthermore it is able to supervise, to acquire and to preserve all the working parameters, the warning and the systems alarms (Black-Box function) analyzable in case of system technical failure, and it can also interact with the working parameters to stabilize and to optimize the fans control (PID auto-tuning function).

In the Plug & Play structure of ECM, has been integrated the software IES (Intelligent Energy Saving), which contains all the technical regulation solutions for ventilated heat exchangers (condensers and dry coolers), and also allows to a NOT trained operator to get ready the system in simple and immediate way.

The ECM automatically set up with all the parameters, already programmed for the management of fans and the adiabatic system (Adiabatic-Booster), through the selection of one of n. 14 function codes always available and customizable by the customer thanks to SELPRO Clima-Sinergy Software (function Know-how protection).

The ECM, approved by Ebm-papst and applied in HVAC&R Systems by LUVE Group from 2010, represents the technological environment most complete and innovative to optimize the overall management of electronically commutated motors (EC) applied on axial and centrifugal fans, allowing to overdraw the efficiency of Functional Energy Saving system with Ebm-papst EC fans.

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